Locate & Stay In Contact

GoWalkTalk enables families and healthcare providers to easily manage the health care or loved ones as they transition from hospital to home and care becomes centered around the home.

Alerts & Emergency Calls

It does not require the services of a third party intermediary as alerts and emergency calls are made directly to the appointed carer contacts.

Independence In Mind

The mobility of the GoWalkTalk solution means the person can be independent and maintain their normal life patterns

Welfare & Whereabouts

Using our beautiful, user friendly control panel , providing a facility for authorised users to monitor the clients’ welfare and whereabouts easilly be alerted by notification or the geo-fence settings.

Game Changing platform

GoWalkTalk is the ‘ONLY’ integrated solution and a completely game changing platform, for professional care workers and companies with inbuilt social good and assisted living features, designed to assist carers, professional and family, meet the needs of individuals who are cared for whilst living independently at home.

It’s All Plug & Play

Wellness tools are integrated to drive health using simply hardware, no costly devices or installations required, it is all plug and play. It makes maintaining contact easier, summoning help in an emergency faster and monitoring the whereabouts of a person such as those with Dementia/Alzheimer’s possible through a self-managed system/ web login. Extremely strong mobile tools provide live up to the minute data where it is needed to the people who need it.

Easily Customizible

Designs are patented and trademarked and as the supplier we can easily customise the modular features to add or integrate with existing tools. Hidden features give added protection for carers and live reporting to management.

The Go Walk Talk Alert System provides a mobile safety solution with 24 online support, it is available on a mobile device that does not require the wearing of a pendant. Unlike Careline it does not require the purchase of any specialist equipment or expensive hardware, making it attainable to all income levels.



The GoWalkTalk solution is developed by specialists who have a broad spectrum of Medical, Home Health Care and Enterprise Application experience. Our goal is to provide an unprecedented level of reassurance to the user and the family along with the medical and home care workers, whilst maintaining independence for all stakeholders.


Go Walk Talk is a game changing mobile solution for social good to assist carers, informal and formal, meet the needs of individuals who are cared for whilst living independently at home.